국토부: BIM과제 - 품질 (MOLIT : BIM Project - Quality)

[Open BIM based Technological Environment for Building Design Quality Enhancement]

>>Project Information 

Funding Institution: MOLIT(Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport in Korea)

Chief of research: prof. Inhan Kim

Participating Research Organization:

Kyung Hee University, KyungPook National University, Hanyang University, Seoul National University, Kwangwoon University, Sung Kyun Kwan University, Korea Institute of Registered Architects(KIRA), Haeahn Architecture

COSPEC ino-lab, Seokyoung systems

Project Period: 2013. 11. 13 - 2016. 11. 12(3years)

Funding Amount: KRW 5,887,000,000(USD 5.5m)

Research Status: Currently 1st year(2013. 11. 13 – 2014. 11. 12)

>>Research contents

1. Open BIM based development of design quality assessment technology and certification system

     1-1 Development of design quality level assess criteria and modeling guideline

     1-2 Establishing database of building codes and rules for automated design quality verification system

     1-3 Development of automated verification program to design quality of Open BIM

     1-4 Development of quality assessment program and practical application technology of BIM data

     1-5 Development of Open BIM based quality verification system in SEUMTER (Korean Government Architectural Permission System).


2. Open BIM based development construction document optimization standard and applied technology

     2-1 Development of optimized drawing standards and guidelines

     2-2 Development of sample document-set in BIM standard design documents

     2-3 Development of BIM based program for standard design documents extraction and linkage


3. Development of integrated cooperation work system between design, engineering and permission at design phase

     3-1 Development of permission cooperation standard and information exchange standard between design and engineering

     3-2 Development of Open BIM based design cooperation support system

     3-3 Development of program for Open BIM based permission requirement checking and automatic input


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