연구재단 : Green BIM과제 (NRFK : Green BIM Project)

[Development of OPEN BIM based Low Carbon Design and Large Scale Facility Maintenance Technology]

>> Project Information
   - Funding Institution : NRFK(National Research Foundation of Korea)
   - Chief of Research : prof. Inhan Kim(Kyung Hee University)
   - Participating Researcher  : Park Chul Soo(Sungkyunkwan University), Choo Seung Yeon(Kyung Pook National University),  S3C
   - Project Period  : 2010. 09. 09 ~ 2015. 08. 31 ( 5years)
   - Funding Amount :  KRW 2,000,000,000(USD 2m)

>> Research Contents
   - Development of OPEN BIM based Low Catbon Design and Large Scale Facility Maintenance Technology
     1. Development of OPEN BIM Technologies for Low Carbon design and Large Scale Facility maintenance 
     2. Development of Performance Diagnostics and Improvement technology for large scale Facility Energy
     3. Development of Low carbon design technology based OPEN BIM by convergence technology