This program is an open BIM-based automatic checking system for building regulations.
It can see in a short time whether the BIM model permission regulations are properly reflected.



본 프로그램은 개방형BIM을 기반으로 인허가 건축법규를 자동으로 검토하는 시스템입니다.

시스템에서 IFC 파일을 오픈하면 해당 용도에 따라 자동으로 관련 법규가 검토되고, 

Pass와 Fail의 결과를 얻을 수 있습니다.

This program is a system that automatically checking building regulations based on open BIM. When the IFC file is opened in the system, relevant laws and regulations are automatically checked according to the application. You can get the result of Pass and Fail.

User Interface

The  Assess-Lite interface consists of the Ribbon, View Window and the Explorer.

The Ribbon menu shows all available functions as buttons.

Within the View Window, users can open up multiple views and review the BIM model simultaneously both in 2D and 3D.  For easy navigation, use the 3D Object Toggle drop-down and the View Control panel.

The Explorer shows detail of the model data, including drawings, project hierarchy and object entities. Furthermore, the attributes and properties information of the objet will be shown when object is selected.

Check Results

In the following Model Compliance Check Window, users can review Compliances and Non-compliance results in the Results tab.

Errors are shown in Red while compliances are shown in Blue.

Users can select individually (from the check box) for which criterion to execute for model checking. 

Users can also select from the Check drop down menu to indicate review feedback after reviewing the automated code compliance checking results .

Error Report Generation

Considering the difficulty in reviewing numerous model errors,  Assess-Lite provides Error Reports output function for users via the BCF file or Excel file export.

The BIM Collaboration Format (BCF) facilitates BIM workflow communication while spreadsheet format is most common and easy to use for all users.  By using the BCF and the spreadsheet Error Report Generating tool, users accustomed to different BIM modelling tools could equally benefit from SBim Navigator to its fullest.

Pre-check Ruleset File

Space object existence check, object level check

Undefined Space

Element Level Check

Space Classification Check & Inference

AI-based Object Type Review

Assess-Lite Guide Video